The EPIS Approach is a whole-school initiative intended to develop a school culture based on kindness and respect for others. It is at the heart of all we do and informs the day-to-day running of the school, its long-term development, the recruitment process and the way we manage our school evaluation.

Whilst the aim of any educational establishment is the academic, creative and social development of its pupils and students, we believe that such progress is more sustainable, more powerful and more secure if it takes place within a culture which values inclusivity, mutual respect and the good self-esteem of all children – not just a minority.

Such an atmosphere is more likely to foster the key strengths of confidence, compassion, resilience and intelligence – key aspects of the learning experience and of lifelong value to all.

Ours is a dynamic and warm community in which children feel valued and respected and which enables them to flourish together.  It is hoped that as they move on in life,  they will do so as happy, confident individuals – capable of leading by example and contributing increasingly to society.