Education Plus International School has a relatively fresh history as we opened our classrooms and welcomed our first set of students on Monday, September 7, 2015, in a brief but grand red-carpet tea party hosted by the school to celebrate its opening.


To confirm the society's acceptance of this new wave of educational revolution and philosophy that EPIS is spearheading, we received a record-breaking number of 75 students on our very first day of school, all seeking a well-rounded education which will prepare them for global leadership.


              Founded by a team of seasoned education consultants and revolutionists in mindset development and strategic thinking,               EPIS   de-emphasises ownership, promotes the culture of team spirit and welcomes every member of the school community - Board, Management, Staff, Students, Parents, Partners - as stakeholders of the school.


EPIS takes its root from the Africa's education giants, Education Plus Group, leaders of international education, language learning and global integration along with it's over 150 partner institutions from across the world.