EPIS House System

Pupils, students and staff are placed in a house when they join the school. There are four houses, each named after a precious stone:  Alexandrite, Diamond, Emerald and Garnet. There are inter-house competitions throughout the school year, and each house works together to fundraise for their respective charity causes

Our house system gives children a taste of what being part of a  community means. It nurtures respectful competition in a safe and encouraging  environment. Children enjoy a variety of house activities and each is encouraged to identify its own strengths and work on their weaker areas together. Students quickly form an allegiance to their house and a sense of fun and friendly competition pervades all the house events.


Members of Alexandrite House ( Blue House) aim to be the best they can. The house motto is ‘Blue Blooded!’ and this pervades everything they do. Alexis, as they call themselves are kind, caring and considerate with a passion and drive for success.


Members of Diamond House (White House) aim to work together from Nursery to Year 12 to "shine bright like a diamond".  Their motto is ” Shine on!” Last year they supported the charity cause and raised money through cake sales, a and other events.



Emerald House (Green House) aims to allow every student to find their talent and confidence, achieve their best and support each other. Their motto states that they are ‘Stronger than stone!’, instilling perseverance and determination to succeed in all areas of school life.


Garnet House ( Orange House) members strive to be the best they can whether it be academic or sport related. They take pride in their abilities and respect those of others.  The "Gees" are always quite flamboyant and expressive in all their activities - from their victory chants of "G G G G G G" to their house motto "We Are Here"