EPIS Assemblies

EPIS Assemblies have come to be become the most wanted feature in our school and represent an important gathering of the school whereby achievements are celebrated, news is imparted and a range of themes and topics explored with a focus on the academic, social, spiritual and psychological development and well-being of the pupils and students. Many school assemblies are planned to reflect seasonal occasions, festivals and Internationally marked days by the United Nations. 

The school has assemblies each school day of the week: Friday is a special assembly when parents are invited to witness and participate in the activities of the day.  The Assembly begins with high energy work outs and features highly engaging features like spelling bee, debates, speaking competition, bible games, languages, dance and drama, talk shows, news casting, quizzes, maths competition, speak right, etc.

There are also themed assemblies for Book Week, French Week, and Poetry Week.
Visitors wth clearance are welcome to attend the Friday Assembly since it is a good opportunity to sample the warmth and enthusiasm of the school.